Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan
By Hajime Isayama
Recommended by Jordan

Hundreds of years ago, humanity was hunted to near extinction by a race of nearly invulnerable giants known as the Titans. The remaining humans have inhabited a walled citadel that is nearly impenatrable, sending their bravest men and women to learn about and kill the Titans. Eren Jager and Mikasa Ackerman, along with their friend Armin, witness a calamity that has not occured for several hundred years–an attack. The Colossal Titan, larger than any seen before, penetrates the first Wall of the city. WARNING–Not for the faint of heart, this series is gory and (spoilers) has a Game of Thrones-style body count. The first season of the anime is available to watch, but the manga goes further along the timeline!

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