The Fireman

thefiremanThe Fireman by Joe Hill

recommended by Hannahlea

The Fireman is about nurse Harper Grayson as she contends with a new infection nicknamed Dragonscale, partially for how it manifests on the body and partially for how it causes people to spontaneously combust. Society begins to disintigrate as huge masses of people begin to die and no-one knows how it spreads, or if there’s a cure. This book ends up being more about how humanity can degrade into “Us” and “Them” and how there’s no such thing as a true utopia. This book was at first very interesting to me, but if I could describe the rest of the book in one word, it would be inconsistent. It alternates between excellent writing in its science and suspense to awkwardly handled random romance and cheap chapter endings. Along with an ending that seemed satisfying but didn’t really get us anywhere, I felt solidly OK with this book. I loved certain parts of it, and others were a slog to get through. If you love distopia and science fiction, this book will probably be worth a read! Be aware, this book is definitely not for the faint of heart. If it had a rating it would be rated R for language, violence, and sexual themes, so keep that in mind before you read.

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