I Want My Hat Back

iwantmyhatbackI Want My  Hat Back by Jon Klassen

recommended by Hannahlea

The premise of this story is fairly straightforward, a bear has lost his hat and asks around if anyone has seen it, and when he finds the thief, it is implied that he eats them. However, what made me keep going back to look at the book was the way it’s written and the illustrations, because they are hilarious. Also to the book’s credit, the dialogue between animals is succinct, but very natural and believable; and the illustrations are simple but are very good at “illustrating” (hehe) what is happening in the scene. One of the animals even mentions a hat that is not the bear’s, and is actually a reference to Jon Klassen’s other book “This is Not My Hat”. All in all, this book is hilarious and I will probably read it many times over.

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