redwall10Redwall by Brian Jacques

recommended by Hannahlea

This book is the first in Brian Jaques series by the same name, and the perfect gateway to a wonderful adventure. Set in a fictional world similar to medieval England, this book takes place in Mossflower wood, where the abbey of Redwall stands as a peaceful haven for all who live in Mossflower, with great feasts and hospitality for all. However, when Cluny the Scourge and his army sets his sights on the sandstone fortress, the inhabitants find themselves under siege, and must use all their wits to protect their home. I love the strategy involved in this book and many of the books in this series. They always have an element of mystery and riddles involved, be it a prophecy or a hidden riddle to find a legendary sword hidden in the abbey, that helps give a little variety to the story. People could be put off by the characters being anthropomorphic animals, but it only gives the characters some easy and simple characterization. A badger would be powerful, a rat would be villainous, and so on. I have always loved these books, and have read most of them more than once, and I am probably going to reread them again since writing this review!

Available on Sunflower ELibrary and Oneclick Digital

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