Lilac Girls

Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly

recommended by Kelley

A beautiful and haunting WWII historical novel about three women that had very different experiences with the war – one in NYC that was a fundraiser and helped people that immigrated to the States to escape Hitler, another that experienced the worst experimental surgery at the hands of a physician in a concentration camp and finally the physician that did the experimental surgeries in the camp. All three had vastly different views of the war but what makes this story special is that is only the first half of the book- the second half of the book tells of their lives when the war ended. For some living in Poland the war didn’t end with Stalin’s rule and yet as these three lives cross and intertwine you will be drawn into their lives. Chilling and beautiful – you will be thinking of this book long after you put it down.

Available on Sunflower Elibrary.

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