Uprooted by Naomi Novik

recommended by Melanie

There were several things that lent themselves to making this book as enjoyable as I found it. The first is that, unlike the vast majority of recent YA literature, Uprooted‘s protagonist is purposefully boring. She isn’t meant to be exciting or good at anything and it makes it far more interesting to watch as the world and the story unfolds around her. The story borrows bits and pieces from Slavic folklore, which is fun. The way in which magic is described throughout the book is aesthetically thick, making the first person narrative, especially through sequences which magic is performed or cast, extremely effective. There are some instances in the book where the symbolism tends to come off as a little heavy handed, but it is usually made up for with the protagonist’s commentary towards various situations and the actual character interaction. Overall, the pacing of the plot and the rich use of language through the more visual scenes of the book outweigh the weaker spots and makes it an enjoyable read.

Available on Sunflower Elibrary & Cloud Library.

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