Once and For All

Once and For All by Sarah Dessen

recommended by Cheyanne

Sarah Dessen is back again with her newest and greatest romance. Louna knows a lot, maybe too much, about weddings- her mother is the best wedding planner in the state and Louna works with her over the summers. She does not know a lot about love though. She is cynical about happy endings and finding the “one.” Ambrose is a serial dater; he believes every night is meant for meeting a new girl. When Louna and Ambrose run into each other, Ambrose continually tries to convince her to date him. Can Louna move on from her past and discover that “happily-ever-after” might actually exist? Once and For All is a crazily fast read that left me laughing in one chapter and crying the next.

Available on Sunflower eLibrary.

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