The Selection

  The Selection by Kiera Cass

recommended by Cheyanne

In a world where castes are meant to divide the people of the “New” North America, the Selection is a chance of a lifetime. Every girl applies for this opportunity and only 35 are chosen. These 35 travel to the Castle of Illea to meet Prince Maxon and hopefully win his heart and the chance to escape the dangerous and hard life set out for them. America, a girl wholly in love with a boy who is a caste below her, detests being chosen for this contest. She doesn’t want to leave the boy she loves and her family to try and win a crown she most definitely does not want. And, with rebels attacking the castle, she will be in more danger there than she would be at home. But then she meets Prince Maxon and she learns that everything is not as it seems. Through her journeys with him, she discovers new paths she never thought up for herself- and the chance to have a love greater than she has ever had before.

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