Love, Mama

  Love, Mama by Jeanette Bradley

recommended by Jeni

Kipling is a sad penguin when Mama leaves home to go on a trip across the ocean. Nothing he tries can seem to replace the warm feelings of love that his Mama’s hugs bring to him. A special package in the mail from Mama helps Kipling wait just a little bit longer for her return. Your heart will melt when reading how Kipling hugs the paper heart just like his mom is doing in the picture she has sent him. Soon enough, Kipling is back in his Mama’s arms and the world is right again. The adorable penguin on the cover drew me into this quick read. It will pull on your heartstrings and make you want to read over and over again. The author does a wonderful job of expressing the anguish of having an absent parent, even for just a short while. Definitely recommend!

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