It Occurs to Me That I Am America

  It occurs to me It Occurs to Me That I Am America Introduction by; Viet Thanh Nguyen Edited by Jonathan Sanlofer

recommended by Martha

“More than thirty of the most acclaimed modern writers consider the fundamental ideals for a free, just, and compassionate democracy through fiction.” This book also includes artwork by artists, cartoonists, and graphic novelist. Among my favorites is Julia Alvarez’s Speak! Speak! She tells of moving from the Dominican Republic at the age of ten, knowing little English. She shares how librarians encouraged her to keep reading, which led to her love of reading and books. Her biggest inspiration was the poem “I, too” by Langston Hughes, which she eventually wrote her own poems and other very successful books, including a personal favorite in the time of butterflies. Mary Higgins Clark wrote a very touching short story about a WWII Vet, the list goes on and on with the authors and many different aspects of American life.

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